Real® helps reach existing and point-of-sale customers with your digital content to enhance brand experience and build trust.

  • Instructions
  • Care & Handling
  • Warranty & Safety
  • Related Products & Promotions
  • Brand Philosophy
  • Manufacturing Impact
  • Sustainability Efforts
  • Authentication
Minimalistic products on store shelves
Build trust with an experience that's always accessible

Reach existing customers or those at POS

Your product in one hand. Your fresh content in the other.

Craft and deliver an experience to support purchase decision-making and/or overall ownership specific to the product in hand. Further, you can change this experience over time — all without changing the QR code on products or packaging.

Deliver the content that customers want and need

Surprise your customers with value at the point of sale — and/or afterwards!

Real delivers a customized brand experience based on the product in hand. It instantly connects people with a digital content library of all the resources your brand has created to support them. Give consumers instant access to:

  • Brand Philosophy
  • Product Manufacturing & Impact
  • Sustainability Efforts
  • Care & Support
  • Instructional How-Tos
  • Product Manuals
  • Warranty & Safety Info
  • Related Products & Promotions


Your content is always available.

Your content is always available whether the customer has the Real App installed or not. Customers with the Real App can retain access to this information post-scan, for easy access throughout the product’s life.

Reward customers with a meaningful call-to-action.

Take advantage of the moment a customer has your product in hand.

Go beyond usual links to sales site information with engagements that benefit customers like discounts on future purchases, exclusive content for owners, access to loyalty programs, etc.

Easily organize QR codes and content

The Real® Dashboard makes adding, updating and publishing content a snap.

Each product experience has a unique Real code that never changes, gets overwritten or lost. Real® Codes are not dependent on your website’s structure and the content and purpose can change over time as your business grows.

  • No broken links
  • Flexible CTAs and content that can change over time
  • Email & Phone/Video Support
  • Scalable Cloud Hosting
  • Full App Integration & Updates
  • Secure


Brand protection & authentication

Protect customers from in-market counterfeits while gaining last-mile metrics.

Roll of 5000 Real® by Authentic Labs labels

Packaging is the most valuable communication channel your brand has.
Make it count with Real®

Real connects your customers to your fresh, context specific product information with one simple scan.